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Toronto | Oct, 14th 2014 Ross Bell, Senior Vice-President of Operations at Club Coffee announced this week that the 101 Claireville plant completed its first full year of operation without incurring a Recordable Accident. Bell commented, “This is a significant achievement and those involved should be very proud of the hard work and huge commitment that was required to make this happen.” This Accident Free milestone for the Claireville plant is of special significance as it reflects the dedication Club Coffee brings to all levels of its business. “With new employees and new equipment, safety really must be front and centre” stated Bell. Club Coffee strives to put best practices first and understands the importance of food safety for our consumers and safety in production process for our employees. It is these practices that build trust and the foundation for good business. The 101 Claireville location in Etobicoke was opened...

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We had our Club Coffee family day a couple of weeks ago and had a video made so that we could all have a memory of the day.  

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