PwC Canada announced the list of finalists for the 2017 Vision to Reality (V2R): Innovator of the Year Award. This year's award program was open to organizations of all sizes, industries and sectors whose innovative ideas have added value to people, business or society. Club Coffee has been selected as a finalist in the Builder category for its PurPod100 innovation. "The applications we received this year represent a real cross section of Canadian organizations and the very best innovators. Each finalist demonstrates in their own unique way how innovation can accelerate an organization to the top of its game," said Tahir Ayub, Managing Partner, Markets and Industries, PwC Canada. "We are thrilled that this program gives applicants an opportunity for Canada-wide recognition, networking opportunities and exposure to entrepreneurs, CEOs and other industry leaders. These fearless leaders are reshaping the landscape of Canadian business." To read more about the award...

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  Visit us on Facebook and share in the comments section what you are doing to make Earth Day special for you and your family. Happy Earth Day!!!    

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The explosive growth of the single serve coffee category underlined consumers’ interest in convenience and quality. The single serve story is well-known on kitchen countertops across North America. NCA data points to a steady rise in single-serve coffee preparation among US consumers until 2014, followed by two years of sudden up and down patterns around an apparent plateau. After a generation of attention to the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle, some consumers remain uncomfortable with a category based on throwing out food waste encased in plastic. In response, brands continue to develop solutions that will minimize waste and through innovative packaging solutions. When communicating these developments to consumers, brands must always communicate with complete transparency – or risk not only alienating consumers, but also attracting scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC and some state attorneys general are increasingly calling out brands on greenwashing claims. The key document for the FTC’s greenwashing fight is...

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