Retail Solutions

Club Coffee is the largest roaster, contract manufacturer and distributor of packaged
coffees that Canadians buy from grocery stores through partnerships with Canada’s
largest coffee retailers.

Club Coffee is a leading innovator in the rapidly expanding single-serve coffee, tea and hot beverages markets across the United States and Canada.

We are the long-term partner of choice of major national retail and food service
customers – many still going strong after as much as 80 years.
We can provide product in a wide range of Retail formats including

  • Vacuum pack tins in a range of sizes
  • Quad or Fin seal tin tie gusseted valve bags in a range of sizes and labelling options
  • Cans

    Single Serve – Soft Coffee Pod

    Bag in Box

    • 12 count, 6 x12 case
    • 40 count, 4x10 bags per carton, 6x40 case
      Individually Overwrapped

        • 20 count, 6 x 20 case
        • 40 count, 4 x 40 case

      Display Shippers

        Our Retail Brands:

        Club Coffee, Margaritaville, Reign, Ritual, & Nourish