Solange Ackrill, VP Strategic Planning & Process Innovation, from Club Coffee will be a part of the panel of experts leading the seminar discussion.   With so much attention on recycling for packaging, it can be difficult to understand where compostable packaging fits in as it relates to waste diversion and the circular economy. Compostable packaging can play a key role when there are limited recycling options available; packaging may be too complex or contaminated to recycle economically and with a net environmental benefit. Today, there is much effort to de-bunk composting myths and improve the success of compostable packaging to divert waste. Join PAC for this special one-hour webinar with our panel of experts who are leading the composting discussion in the packaging industry. This webinar will highlight efforts supporting commercial composting development, certification and compliance for compostability claims, and new packaging solutions to improve material acceptance at composting facilities. Thursday,...

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On January 25, 2017, PAC, Packaging Consortium held its Global Leadership Awards Gala at the Package Design Matters Conference in Bonita Springs, Florida. PAC partnered with Package Design Magazine to showcase leadership in new brand packages, brand revitalization, and packaging innovation. Club Coffee's PurPod100 has been awarded the Gold Award for Package Innovation  and the Best of Show Award.  Congratulations to everyone that is involved in making PurPod100 a reality for both our customers and our environment.   Best of Show - PAC 2017 Awards   Package Innovation - PAC 2017 Awards   To read more about the PAC Global Leadership Awards, please visit:  

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Club Coffee has achieved a top international food safety rating for the second year in a row. BRC Global Standards awarded the company its AA rating after a comprehensive November 2016 audit of Club’s facilities, systems and procedures. The audit paid close attention to how well Club Coffee employees understand their roles in ensuring a safe and healthy working and processing environment. This honor provides independent confirmation of the company’s focus on the food safety and product quality that consumers expect. It demonstrates the important role that Club Coffee employees play in the company’s success. Read More  

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